Page 4 God's Watchman by Pastor Alton B. (Don) Billingsley
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Noah a Preacher finished Ark. now and see whether they
of Righteousness have done altogether
God always gives ample warn- And just before the Flood according to the outcry
ings as many Scriptures make came one could think that against it that has come to
known with the hope of upon seeing all of the animals Me; and if not I will
repentance lest He has to deal going on board the Ark they know." Then the two men
severely with His people would have had a change of (angels) turned away and
(Ezekiel 33:11). Noah was heart. However there is no went toward Sodom
evidence of it (Genesis (Genesis 18:20-22).
a preacher of righteousness
(II Peter 2:5), and was used 7:8-9). As the result they paid
by God to warn the peoples of the price of their hardhearted- Upon their arrival Lot strongly
that time period that a Flood- ness and sinful ways with their urged them to stay in his home
would come and destroy all of lives in drowning deaths (Genesis 19:1-3). During the
them unless they repented. (Genesis 7:21-24; Romans first part of the night the sodo-
6:23). mites tried to seduce the
As the time drew near to the angels (Genesis 19:4-5).
completion of the 120 years Righteous Lot This was all the angels needed
God had allotted to that world Regarding Sodom, the LORD to know to proceed with
before it would be destroyed, said to Abraham: their instructions to destroy
Noah must have preached the cities.
more urgently to them "Because the outcry
(Genesis 6:3). But they against Sodom and Later that night they asked Lot
continued to jeer and make Gomorrah is great and about his family with the
fun of him even though they because their sin is very intention of delivering them as
were vieWing the almost grievous, I will go down well as his immediate family:
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