Page 3 God's Watchman by Pastor Alton B. (Don) Billingsley
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History Pre-Flood world of Noah as Likewise as it was also in

to Repeat Itself well as Sodom and Gomorrah the days of Lot: they ate,
There are many lessons that with the intention that His they drank, they bought,
should have been learned by people Israel learn from what they sold, they planted,
the peoples of America and happened to them and not they built (marriage is not
Britain from the past history of make the same fatal errors: mentioned here undoubtedly
mankind-but to no avail. due to their predominant
"And as it was in the days sodomite societies); but on
While considering the wicked of Noah, so will it be also the day that Lot went out
and corruptive causes of the in the days of the Son of of Sodom it rained fire
drowning deaths of billions of Man: they ate, they drank, and brimstone from
people in the Pre-Flood world they married wives, they heaven and desuoyed
of Noah (Genesis 7:17-24), were given in marriage, them all. Even so will it be
and the horrible fiery deaths of UNTIL the day that Noah in the day when the Son of
the people of Sodom and entered the Ark, and Man is revealed" (Luke
Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24- the FLOOD came and 17:26-30).
25), and then focusing on the desuoyed them all.
same wickedness in the socie-
ties in America and Britain,
one cannot help but wonder
how much time is there left
before God brings the fullness
of the ultimate disaster on
both these nations as He did
with that Pre-Flood World and
Sod om and Gomorrah?

Jesus Christ said that when it
comes it will be as a snare and
entrap them (Luke 21:35).
He further said they would be
living their lives in delusion
believing no power bloc of
nations will arise in Europe or
in Asia that could bring disas-
ter on them due to having their
trust in their leadership and

Thus, it will be at such a time
when a blitzkrieg nuclear
attack will suddenly strike
with terrible disaster with little
warning and no retaliation
(Ezekiel 7:14).

Learning from History
Jesus Christ spoke of this
coming time while comparing
His people Israel with the
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